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StackOverflow Podcast #20

by Joel Spolsky
Friday, September 05, 2008

This week's StackOverflow Podcast is up: episode 20.

We talked about the deadlock that was fixed, which was the last thing holding up the public beta... caused by a very small bug in third party libraries, which is exactly why I've always had a bias against using third party libraries. I tell an interesting story about why the Excel team had their own compiler. And I explain to a listener why Jeff never listens to me.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Business of Software conference and made it a huge success. The speakers were all incredible, the attendees were fabulous, even the food was pretty good for a convention center.

P.S. The Conversations Network, a not-for-profit organization which hosts our podcast, is looking for sponsors for their podcasts, including this one. It would be a very modest, NPR-style intro at the beginning... "The StackOverflow Podcast is brought to you by Gummy Bears, Inc., bringing fine chewy treats to grubby children everywhere." If your company might be interested in sponsoring the podcast and becoming a hero to developers worldwide, or at least the eight developers who listen to the podcast, please email me.

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