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by Joel Spolsky
Friday, June 18, 2004

Dean Jackson, who's responsible for applications at the W3C: “The good news is that it seems we have many of the big players ready to go in this area. Joel may get some of his wishes sooner than he thinks (let's hope!)”

Rhys Jeremiah: “I'll outline the features that I would like to add.”

Jeremy Hartley: “I have spent the past two years web-enabling my company's HRM System. My intentions have always been to make the web version of the application as similar to the Win32 version as possible—no compromise allowed. To do this I have had to use every trick in the book as well as making up quite a few myself. The process took me two years. I think I could have done it in six months if I had had the following...”

Yoz Grahame: “The current Javascript security philosophy can be easily summarised thus: ‘No.’”

Jeremy Smith: “I want a way to access a browser's right-click menu.”

Mike Marshall doesn't agree. “Here is the real solution. Microsoft is coming out with ClickOnce in VS 2005 ('Whidbey'). What's that, too platform independent? Java will come with something similar, in fact Java Web Start apps are pretty much already there. You will have your pick at this time next year, believe me.”

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