About Joel Spolsky

Joel SpolskyI’m your host, Joel Spolsky, responsible for just about everything on this site. This is Joel on Software, where I’ve been ranting about software development, management, business, and the Internet since 2000, although you may have noticed I don’t publish too much here lately.

For my day job, I’m the CEO (and co-founder) of Stack Overflow, a network of Q&A sites visited by 118 million people every month, including 50 million people visiting our flagship site, stackoverflow.com, where we have millions of questions and answers, and we help the worlds’ developers learn, share their knowledge, and level up. The company has grown to about 250 brilliant employees around the world with headquarters in New York City and offices in London and Munich.

I was the co-founder of Fog Creek Software, a software company and incubator in New York City that created (among many other things) FogBugz and Trello (which is now a part of Atlassian). Today Fog Creek continues to develop revolutionary software under the new CEO, Anil Dash, like Glitch and Manuscript.