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Software Development Productivity Awards

by Joel Spolsky
Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fog Creek Copilot won the Software Development 16th Annual Productivity Award in the "Utilities" category. All credit for this cool award goes to the interns who developed it in one summer: Tyler, Ben, Michael, and Yaron!

FogBugz 4.0 won the Productivity Award in the "Defect Tracking, Change, and Configuration Management" category. Congratulations to the whole FogBugz team!

Productivity Awards are sort of like runners-up for the Jolt Awards... there are three Productivity winners in each category but only one Jolt. In the Utilities category, the Jolt went to TechSmith for Camtasia, the demo-making software we use and love here at Fog Creek (check out the flash demo of FogBugz we made with Camtasia last year).

Software Development magazine, which gives the awards each year, started out as Computer Language, and now they just announced that they are merging with Dr. Dobbs Journal and taking over the Dr. Dobbs name. Eric Sink's blog post about the eventual death of developer magazines seems prescient.

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