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Hello from San Francisco?

by Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The FogBugz World Tour continues.

It was a beautiful weekend in the Bay Area: perfect weather, unusually clear skies, and no fog. Jared and I spent some time driving around Marin on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Monday's demo in San Francisco had about 110 people:

This afternoon, Ben and I got a tour of the awesome offices at Pixar:

Steve Jobs' office was, uh, kinda messy. Not Zen at all. Steve? Clean your office. Other than that, the public spaces are really incredible; a lot of people get private offices, but they're kind of short on room so there are a lot of cubes, too (and daylight can be someone scarce in the main building).

The afternoon demo was in Emeryville, right across the bay from San Francisco, because Berkeley doesn't have hotels. Here I am showing off the Developer Ship Dates feature in FogBugz 6.0:

Thanks to everyone who came!

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