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by Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Next up on the FogBugz World Tour: Europe!

(Map thanks to Paul Demers and Google).

Registration is now open for November:

Nov 7: Dublin
Nov 8: Cambridge
Nov 9: London
Nov 12: Amsterdam
Nov 13: Copenhagen

The morning of November 14th, I'll be speaking at Øredev, a conference for software developers in Malmö, Sweden... this keynote speech is called "Developing Great Software" and is not a FogBugz demo.

PS. I'm kind of new to this video thing. The Austin FogBugz demo turned out to be a 256MB flash video (FLV), and I think we really need a streaming Flash server to host it, which we don't have. I think this is the point of content delivery networks. If you have an idea for someplace I can quickly put an FLV for streaming to large numbers of people, please let me know.

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