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by Joel Spolsky
Friday, January 03, 2003

I posted a bit of internal documentation that is likely to be of interest only to people using VB6 with DAO database access. It describes the entity classes that we're implementing as we refactor CityDesk, in order to isolate database access code and provide a clean, super-easy interface to database tables. CityDesk Entity Classes.

Yesterday I switched over the CityDesk setup from InnoSetup to My Inno Setup Extensions. Advantages: Pascal scripting, which we don't need but might, and conditional compilations, which allow me to use a single source setup script for the main setup and the upgrade. Inspired by Dr. Motulsky I eliminated three unnecessary steps from setup, for example, the stupid screen that might as well just say, "OK, we realize you just clicked next, please click next again now, thank you." (The famous "ready to install" screen that nobody reads.)

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