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by Joel Spolsky
Thursday, December 07, 2000

OK, I don't normally post random links, but Simple DJ is way cool!

Today is system administration day. And tomorrow. I'd like to think that I'm learning things, but really I'm just spending a lot of time trying different command-line arguments to ./configure. Isn't that a howl!

On my agenda: moving our FogBUGZ demo to a new machine with a huge hard drive; moving all our email to a new machine so that when we move offices, it can continue uninterrupted; getting the various mailing lists moved; and trying to get closer to that happy day when we can toss the [expletive] Qube out the [expletive] window.

UI For Programmers, The Book, is now in the publisher's hands (and those of the tech reviewer). Ah! It's like when you turn in your senior thesis. I have nothing to do this weekend!

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