A reader wrote in to ask what kind of desks we’re going to be using for the new office.

The ergonomics experts always want you to have your feet flat on the floor. So you have to adjust your seat height first. Then, your arms are supposed to be horizontal while you’re typing. This means you need an adjustable-height keyboard.

Most of the adjustable height keyboard trays are extremely annoying… they’re floppy, flimsy, and limit the keyboard to one location. Therefore we decided to get desks where the entire worksurface can be raised and lowered.

Finally, a lot people praise the benefits of standing up for a part of the day, even if you spend the whole day at a computer, so we wanted desks where the worksurface could rise all the way to “counter height” so you could stand and work. And if you are going to be standing up and sitting down it’s best to have a desk with a pushbutton, electric motor so you don’t get lazy about doing it.

Eventually we settled on the Details adjusTables Series 7. We didn’t like the desk surface that those came with (with rounded corners and a chubby profile, it’s just too blah) so we ordered a custom desk surface from Steelcase with something called a knife edge profile. That makes the desk look paper-thin:


StackOverflow podcasts moving to IT Conversations

Yes! I’m still doing those weekly podcasts with Jeff. We’ve already done eight of them.

We’re moving, though, to IT Conversations, a huge network of terrific audio shows about technology. Just looking at all the great shows they have there makes me feel a bit like a kid in jeans and a T-shirt with a dirty slogan who just walked into Chez Panisse.

The new feed, IT Conversations-based feed is at

The easy way to subscribe is with ITunes, choose Advanced | Subscribe to Podcast, paste that URL in there, and you’ll be all set.

Adventures in Office Space

“We lost some time because a deal to expand at our current location fell through — it turned out that the extra floor we wanted wasn’t actually, to use the real estate jargon, ‘available.’”

From Adventures in Office Space, my latest column in Inc. Magazine.

P.S.! Neil reminds me that you’ve only got until the end of the week to register for the Business of Software conference at the low early rate ($1395 instead of $1795).