WebApps.stackexchange.com nothingtoinstall.com now live!

The first Stack Exchange site to make it all the way through the community creation process is now live and out of beta!

Nothing to Install screenshot

webapps.stackexchange.com is a place to get help with web applications. Want to know how to email huge files? How to delete your Facebook account? How to secretly follow someone on Twitter? How to backup WordPress blogs, ahem, Jeff? This is the site.

(Updated: Only days after launching, we changed the name from “nothingtoinstall.com” to “webapps.stackexchange.com” because nobody really liked that name!)

FogBugz and Kiln (coming soon to a city near you)

Thanks to the hard work of the Fog Creek team, including ten great summer interns, we have just released amazing new upgrades to FogBugz and Kiln.

FogBugz World Tour Kiwi LogoTo kick off the new releases, we’re about to start another one of our famous world tours. I’ll be flying to 20 (yes, twenty) different cities to demo FogBugz 8.0 to anyone who wants to come see it in person.

As an added bonus, I’m also going to bring along someone from the Kiln team to teach a one-hour course in distributed version control. If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, this is a painless way to learn the basics of the new generation of version control.

The events are absolutely free but they always fill up right away, so go sign up now!

Map generated by the Great Circle Mapper – copyright © Karl L. Swartz

Merging Season

Area 51 is filling up with thousands of ideas for new Stack Exchange sites, and a pretty clear pattern has started to worry us: too many ridiculously niche proposals, overlapping proposals, and proposals that are already covered by an existing site.

Merging Season