New in FogBUGZ 3.0

Upgrading to FogBUGZ 3.0? The new version contains 50 major improvements which will help you work more productively and use FogBUGZ in new ways.

bugs, features, inquiriesSeparate Bugs, Features, and Inquiries. Use FogBUGZ to keep track of new development tasks. If you’re doing Extreme Programming, FogBUGZ is ideal for keeping a sorted list of prioritized user stories. Use inquiries to keep questions and potential bugs separate from confirmed bugs.

Subscribe to any bug to get email notifications when it changes.

Duplicate tracking creates a link between duplicate bugs.

Inline pictures for screenshots, etc.:

Inline images screenshot
Logging on instantly takes you to the original link you clicked on.

Outside customers can submit bugs without logging on. This feature can be turned on and off on a per-project basis.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Email into FogBUGZ. With the new Mailboxes feature, FogBUGZ can read email sent to any account (requires a POP3 mail server) and convert each email message into a FogBUGZ case. Use all of FogBUGZ’s great tracking features to handle customer service email. You can also set up mailboxes for bug reports, feature suggestions, etc.

Reply to /Forward emails from FogBUGZ. Once an email message has been received in FogBUGZ, you can assign it and track it just like any other case. You can also reply to the email or forward it from FogBUGZ itself. FogBUGZ inserts the case number in the subject line so if your correspondent replies, their reply is appended to the same case. This keeps a complete record of the email interaction, even when several people work on it.

Cleaner UI looks better, requires fewer clicks for common actions, and virtually eliminates the need to scroll to the bottom of a page.

Bug edit box appears at the top so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom to add a comment to a bug.

Grid mode for lists fits more information on one screen:

gridChange sort order in grid mode with one click on the header.

Closing a bug automatically takes you back to the list screen.

Next and Previous ButtonsNext/Previous buttons make it easy to work through a list of bugs without going back to the list every time.

No self-notification. To avoid mailbox clutter, you no longer get an email notification telling you about something you just did.

Email notifications on edit. If someone else edits a bug that is assigned to you, you get a notification.Change the bunny pictures by dropping new files into a folder

Change the bunny pictures as easily as  dropping new pictures into a folder. Some people prefer to have distinguished portraits of the executives at their company rather than our signature cute furry animals.

Bulk Assign, Resolve, Close, Reactivate, or Reopen a bunch of bugs at once from the list screen.

Standards-compliant XHTML source code supports the latest web browsers and degrades gracefully on old web browsers.

Searching in full text also searches titles. (About time!)

FogBUGZ Setup ScreenshotVastly improved SETUP does everything you need to get FogBUGZ up and running in a matter of minutes:

Contact form automatically sends email to all local administrators.

Automatic license tracking.

Import licenses from the Fog Creek online store in one step.

Customizable priorities.

Screen shot of reportAll reports include hyperlinks so you can quickly drill down.

Filter for bugs with a priority less than or greater than x, for example, you can see all bugs with priority 3 or higher.

Filter bugs based on when they were resolved or closed, for example, you can get a list of bugs closed today.

More ranges for time-filters, for example, list bugs opened in the last year.

Filter bugs with ANY resolution to find bugs that are resolved but not closed.

Crashes in FogBUGZ can be sent to Fog Creek Software with one click. Not that it will ever happen. But if it does, we have a magnificent track record of fixing things quickly.

More documentation and improved online support.

TranslationsLocalizable UI with all strings in one place for easy translation. FogBUGZ is also fully unicode-compliant and supports text in virtually any language or alphabet.

Typing “bug nn” anywhere in a bug report automatically becomes a link to that bug.

Creating bugs doesn’t require an intermediate step to choose the project. Similarly you don’t have to click Move to move a bug to another project, just edit it and change the project. FogBUGZ now uses client-side JavaScript where available to show you a list of areas and fix fors in the new project automatically.

The project and area are remembered when you create a bug and appear as the default for the next new bug.

Time stamps on bug events let you see exactly when something happened.

“Back” works in browsers more often, for example, when you are viewing a bug you can click back to go back to the list page without getting a “page expired” message.

BugzScout lets you capture crashes in your products and report bugs over the Internet automatically. FogBUGZ checks for duplicate crash reports and merges them automatically, and can then send a custom message back to the user based on the exact crash. For Windows applications, we supply an ActiveX control (available from the Fog Creek Software web site) that enters bugs in FogBUGZ. For virtually any other programming environment, use any HTTP library to submit bugs and get results in XML.

Support for the latest standards-compliant browsers like Mozilla.

Improved mail-sending code works with more SMTP servers.

Support for Perforce as well as CVS for source control integration.

Simpler URLs for bugs. If your server is, you can link to bug 123 with the URL

Bug commands (assign, resolve, etc.) are duplicated at the top of the screen so you don’t have to scroll.

Text area for bug reports grows automatically so you don’t have to scroll.Tip for beginners

Beginner tips appear neatly in the right margin, and, of course, you can still turn them off.

Support for SQL Server even if you don’t have SQL server full-text search installed.

Filter on bugs without estimates makes it easier to use FogBUGZ for scheduling.

Better browser detection.

Easier site configuration. Some of the things that we used to ask for are now figured out automatically. Other things that we asked for in two places are now in one place.

Fast, OLEDB database connection instead of ODBC.