My Revenge Against Clueless Internet Providers

We’re getting a T1 installed in our new office, which has made me the target of an awful lot of marketing calls by very aggressive salespeople from Internet providers. They usually want to fax me a quote.

Fax? Hello, people, you’re Internet providers. Why not email me a quote?

I asked Qwest if they could just email it to me. This didn’t seem to be within their capability. They insisted on faxing it.

So, Qwest, been nice to know ya. I don’t know why I would want to buy T1 access from an Internet company that doesn’t know how to send an email. We’re probably going to go with SAVVIS.

New Toy

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I just got a new toy via FedEx. It’s a wireless 128kbps modem from Ricochet and Juno. Full report here.

Ooo, this is fun. I’m actually posting this from a cafe on 70th and Broadway. Nice!

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