So far I’ve got volunteers for 22 languages — cool! The articles are starting to come in. Everything will be reviewed by a second copy editor before I post it.

If you are fluent in a language other than English and would like to help out, there are still lots of great opportunities. If you only have a small amount of time, why not copy edit a single article? (Copy editing basically means proofread it, correct any spelling or grammar mistakes, and rewrite anything that is not written clearly enough.) If you have more time, you can translate an article or two. Pick your favorite. If you’re really ambitious, you can sign up for the 4-part Painless Functional Specifications (still available in most languages) or the 9 chapter UI For Programmers, available in every language except French and Spanish.

About the author.

In 2000 I co-founded Fog Creek Software, where we created lots of cool things like the FogBugz bug tracker, Trello, and Glitch. I also worked with Jeff Atwood to create Stack Overflow and served as CEO of Stack Overflow from 2010-2019. Today I serve as the chairman of the board for Stack Overflow, Glitch, and HASH.