I’ll be DJing at the party tonight.

What you see here:

  • Pioneer DJM-600 Professional DJ Mixer
  • Two Pioneer CDJ-800 Digital Vinyl Turntables (acts like a turntable but plays CDs)
  • Trusty Shure SM-58, mentioned earlier on this site
  • Sony MDR-V700DJ Studio Monitor Series DJ Headphones
  • Rotel RA-1060 Stereo integrated amplifier
  • B&W speaker system
  • Two IBM Thinkpad Laptops (one for visual effects and 2004 countdown; the other for playing MP3s)
  • Harman Kardon DVD 25 Progressive Scan DVD Player
  • (Offscreen) Pioneer 43″ HDTV Plasma Monitor showing visual effects generated from the audio track using G-Force Gold

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