Dan Bricklin Interviews Me

Dan Bricklin: “We talked about developers keeping track of where their code comes from and watching out for GPL code that shouldn’t be there, why developers who read Slashdot and Eric Raymond are more likely to be at least somewhat aware of copyright issues than their managers who don’t, differences between Windows and Unix when it comes to combining code (especially back in the days when the GPL was written), access to Microsoft source code, economics of Open Source, and more.”

The interview is available as a 18MB MP3 file and runs about 38 minutes. Dan Bricklin was the co-creator of Visicalc, the world’s first spreadsheet program.

Wall St. 101

“Remember that scam I explained to you last month?” Jared asked me over dinner, while reviewing my investments.

A month ago Jared had explained a clever scam Wall Street uses to rip off retail bond investors. He explained it very well. It all made sense.

I remembered.

“Well, you just fell for it!”


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