Interesting Links

I can’t figure out who’s writing it, but Enplaned, a blog about commercial aviation, is one of the best blogs I’ve come across in a long time, full of insightful, in-depth articles about the airline industry.

RedditReddit is a website with a cute alien mascot, featuring user-submitted and user-rated links. If you’ve already seen the Aardvark’d movie you saw the developers of reddit, Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian.

TWiTI’ve subscribed and unsubscribed to a lot of Podcasts trying to keep entertained on the subway, and the bottom line is that there are only two I can tolerate on a regular basis: TWiT and VentureVoice. TWiT made me understand why Leo Laporte was so beloved on Tech TV, and John C. Dvorak will charm your socks off in his role as the cuddly curmudgeon, channeling Jerry Pournelle. VentureVoice gets great interviewees on topics close to my heart and does them with great journalistic values and high production quality… don’t miss the episodes on launching VideoEgg at Demo (#14 and #15).

I had to stop listening to the Gilmore Gang because the sound quality made it inaudible on the streets of New York. (Do they listen to their podcasts after they record them?) I had to stop listening to Adam Curry because all he does is talk about was how great podcasts are. Show us, Adam, don’t tell us. Adam Curry is one of the best DJs in the world, but his show is 10% great DJing, 60% crappy drivel about podcasting, and 30% late-night-infomercial-quality promos for podcasts about garden slugs, followed by Adam talking for 20 minutes about how great it is that there are podcasts about garden slugs. I unsubscribed, and spent the next two hours listening to Jason Robert Brown’s hilarious and uplifting I Could Be In Love With Someone Like You again and again and again.

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