Great Design – Table of Contents

Articles in gray are still being written. Many of these articles are derived from chapters in User Interface Design for Programmers.

(* = first draft)


Introduction to Great Design*
What is Design?*
What Makes It Great?*

Good Design

User Model vs. Program Model
Affordances and Metaphors
Broken Metaphors
Consistency and Hobgoblins
Put users in control
Design for Extremes
Users don’t read
Users can’t control the mouse
Users can’t remember anything
Activity Based Design
Usability Testing
Relativity (UI Time Warps)
How Do It Know?
Tricks of the Trade
UIs that Kill
Beta Testing
The Onion in the Varnish
Information Design / Answering the Right Question
Shipping is a Feature

Great Design

Introduction to Black Magic of Great Design
Emotional Design
Designing the Social Interface
Building Communities
Obsessive Attention to Detail
Taking Things Away
Playing with Fire (making things worse)
User happiness vs. user success

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