More on Calendars

One online calendar I neglected to check out is Airset. Thanks to a couple of alert readers who emailed me, I tried it out tonight. It’s much, much better than the proof-of-conceptware that people are hyperventilating about. In fact, it’s the first online calendar I’ve found that seems like it might work for me.

Why didn’t I evaluate it before? Well — to be honest — I went to the website, and couldn’t find any screenshots or specific technical information, or an easy way to try it without signing up, so I gave up. It didn’t help that Walter Mossberg had chosen Trumba over Airset and for some reason I let that influence me into not trying Airset. Dang, that was dumb.

I still have a list of feature requests for the Airset developers, though! If you know someone who works over there let me know.

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